Paritutu Room

Paritutu Room 2024 consists of 29 amazing Year 7 &  8 students.  We are looking forward to a fun filled year, jam packed with exciting learning, fundraising and adventures of great learning.

Tabloid Sports Day 2024

Students in Paritutu Room were fantastic leaders for Tabloid Sports Day.

Structured Literacy

In Paritutu Room we follow a Structured Literacy approach for Reading, Writing, Handwriting and Spelling. Structured Literacy focuses on 'phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge' which provides our tamariki with the skills they need to read, spell and write with confidence. The tamariki are taught to recognise individual words, syllables, onset sounds, rime and individual sounds in a word. Students receive Guided Reading lessons using chapter texts or decodable texts, with follow up activities set weekly to assist in their learning journey. Thank you for supporting your child on their reading journey!

Term 1 Swimming

This Term students will be swimming at the school pool.  Our swimming sessions are Thursday afternoons,  Paritutu students are lucky to have swimming lessons with two instructors. The aim of our swimming sessions is to improve the students confidence in the water and teach them basic swimming skills. Swimming sessions are a great way to enhance the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of your child. Our Swimming Sports day will be held at Wai o Rua.

PR1ME Mathematics

Here at Midhirst School we use the PR1ME mathematics programme. This is a programme built on clear, well-structured progressions mapping out a pathway through Year 1 - 8 based on practices used by top performing countries in international studies. Our students receive a lot of explicit teaching and use Maths Buddy to help reinforce this knowledge. 

Term 1 Korowai

Kotahitanga - Community

In Paritutu Room we are learning about our school values KAHA and that we all have responsibilities and rights as members of a community.  We know that belonging to groups is important and we have responsibilities when we’re members of a group.

Important Links for Home Learning:

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