Welcome to Panitahi Room! We have 21 wonderful and curious year 1-2 tamariki who love learning! Panitahi room is taught by Aimee Wisnewski and support by our amazing teacher aide Jayne!

Structured Literacy:

In Panitahi we follow a Structured Literacy approach for the teaching of Reading, Writing, Handwriting and Spelling. Structured Literacy focuses on 'phonemic and phonological awareness, and alphabet knowledge' which provides our tamariki with the skills they need to read, spell and write with confidence. Phonological awareness relates to the tamariki's capability to make/break words, identify how many sounds in them and where they are. It also allows tamariki to identify how many words in a sentence, syllables in a word, how to hear and produce rhyme and delete/substitute sounds. The tamariki are also taught to recognise individual words, onset sounds, rime and both individual letter-sounds in a word and two or more letters that work together to make one sound. They learn to read using the Sunshine and Kākano decodable texts. Each day your child will bring home a book to read which practises the letters and sounds that have been taught at school. Thank you for supporting your child on their reading journey!

Korowai Inquiry :

Term two:

Our inquiry focus this term is Te Ao - cause and effect. We are building from term ones knowledge around Hauora to understand how we feel, how we act and the things we do can have an impact/consequences. We are linking this learning to Te Reo Maori and are learning new Kupu and rerenga kupu in order to ask how someone is feeling and reply with a range of answers. 

We have been focusing on 'the colour monster' in order to identify our feelings so we can indentify strategies to help us with these. We have also been learning to understand what happens when we 'flip our lid' and how to be bucket fillers instead of bucket dippers!

Cross-country (Term 3) 

This term we have our Cross-Country. This is a very important time where we can create goals for ourselves and understand how to work hard to achieve these. It is important that we have a growth mindset and know we are competing with ourselves, not each other and we only get what we put into it! Ka eke toku pai - doing our individual best. 

We are also noticing the benefits it has on Taha Tinana (physical health) and Taha Hinengaro (emotional health) which ties into our first half of term 3 inquiry focus; Hauora. Check out some of our amazing goals!

Book character Day (Term 2) 

Check out these pictures of one of our favourite days so far! We loved everyone's creative costumes and had a collaborative learning day with Nga Motu to create some beautiful mothers day art too!